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Convention Sponsorship Detail

Speaker Package -Advertorial - Seasonal Special - $998

    This special Speaker opportunity gives Exhibitors a powerful new way to present your products and services through an educational, engaging format. The Speaker Showcase integrates your video message into the heart of the Convention and is ideal for educating real estate brokers and agents on the benefits of your products and services in an effective and highly visible format. Programs should be educational and can be advertorial. Topic areas involving use of technology in the real estate business a plus. This package is only available to a limited number of exhibitors and will not be available once the event quota is reached.

    Additional Benefits:
    *Super Booth Expo Package ($1,795 Value)
    *Session Sponsorship, ($300 Value)Your booth logo posted at the session with a direct link into your Expo Booth to maximize traffic.
    *NEW- pop up logo visible while presentation plays, directly links to your Expo Booth! *Your session posted at the Pre Convention Speaker Section
    *A one page product brochure download at your session
    *Speaker Bio posted at your session
    *Speaker listing in the Program Guide
    *Program will be available each day, 24 hours per day of the event in special "Showcase" section of Speaker Center and on Daily Schedule

    Please submit details of your session at the Call For Speakers page - you will find a form there with all the information we need to set up your session.

    Program Specs:
    1. Power Point with slides format: If you select this option, please send a PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio in at least Radio Quality. To set the Audio Quality in PowerPoint, click the Slide Show Tab, then Record Narration, then Change Quality Button. Select Radio Quality (or higher) from the drop down menu.

    2. Video format: If you select this option, the video needs to be in MPEG2, AVI, MOV or WMV format, 640x480 or larger, and a minimum bit rate of 700Kbps for the best results. If you are filming in HD or 16:9 format, please be aware we must letterbox to fit our 4:3 aspect ratio for the convention web site.

    Additional info required, Speaker Name and Title, Company Name, Session Title, one page bio, and photo headshot.

    For more information, or to see an example of this sponsorship, please contact:

    Angela Portosa, CMP
    Convention Director
    508-481-1905 - phone


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