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Sampling of Exhibitor Comments:

Dan Gooder Richard, President

"WOW! The Gooder Group has been deluged with inquires for Rainmaker E-central since the National Real Estate CyberConvention & Exposition!"

Gayle Buske, President and CEO Team Double-Click

"I highly recommend the REcyber on-line convention and expo to anyone wanting to connect with or learn more about the real estate industry. These folks took the time to put together the equal to a bricks-and-mortar event but did it virtually. Saving all of us blistered feet, sore legs, sour stomachs from bad convention food, and thousands of dollars in travel expenses. All with as good a return as at a "regular" show. Great convention!"

James Grierson Real Estate Promoter VP Business Development

"The on-line convention is a great way to generate new interested leads. I have participated for the past two years and find that this show provides leads comparable to any live trade show. The cost of the booth is roughly the same as a live show, but there are no travel, food, lodging and employee costs. The savings we receive and the quality leads generated make this show a winner!"

Ed Bury

"CCIM Institute continues to generate qualified prospects for our Education through the Convention. And, we expose our education and membership to many visitors who otherwise might not know about us."

Bill Ryan Make Loyal Customers

"The National Real Estate On-line Convention is the most productive advertising I have done to date. I would recomend this to anyone with a product or service of interest to the Real Estate industry."

Alexandra Hart Vice President All States 1031 Exchange Facilitator, LLC

"The online convention & expo proved to generate more solid leads in 1 week than an entire year's worth of live conferences!"

Real Estate author Jim Misko

"I was stunned. When I opened up my e-mail I had 1086 visitors and 460 bought or asked for more information. How can you beat that?"

Joeann Fossland, Advantage Solutions Group

"The On-Line Convention is simply the BEST way to reach thousands of tech-savvy agents. I participated this year while on vacation in Hawaii and still had hundreds of leads!"

Jim Gillespie, Advanced Real Estate Sales Coaching

"There's nothing that compares with the experience of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society's Online Convention!"

David Hitrys, CEO,

"An excellent way to meet real estate professionals from all over the U.S!"

Ernie Brescia, Chief Learning Officer Century 21 Real Estate LLC

"The RECS Online Convention and Expo is a cost effective way to network, learn about industry trends and locate products and services that will help keep you competitive in your market... all without ever leaving your desk! It's a worthwhile time investmestment for any real estate professional - new or seasoned."

Thor Christianson, Presiident

"We have found the convention to be an excellent way to get exposure for our product. The response has grown in each of the three years we have participated."

Gregory Greene, Director of Marketing Matthew Ferrara Seminars, Inc.

"Once again, our experience with this year's On-Line Convention was wonderful. Angela Portosa and Jack Peckham were extremely helpful and such a pleasure to work with. We look forward to participating in the next On-Line Convention!"

Nathan McCray VP Product Development

"Imagine going fishing and instead of sitting around and waiting for the fish to bite, you sit back and watch as the fish willingly jump out of the water and into your boat. This is what it felt like as we participated in the REcyber Society Online Convention. We received more qualified leads than any other online marketing that we've done. Instead of "fishing" for leads with banner ads, email campaigns and other online marketing methods, we put our boat in 'Lake REcyber Society' and watched as the fish jumped into our boat day after day for a week! Plus, we received industry wide exposure that would have otherwise been very expensive and time consuming to attain. The REcyber Society makes show prep easy and provides great advise on how to maximize your participation. Best of all, you won't incur the heavy expenses normally associated with brick and mortar conventions (travel, booth give-a-ways, printed material, booth staff, etc.). If your company has the ability to do business online, then The REcyber Online Convention will be a great addition to your online marketing efforts. If you're spending alot on online advertising, readjust your budget to make room for this convention. If you're a young company and can only do one major event during the year...make this the one."

Gregory Greene Director of Marketing Matthew Ferrara Seminars, Inc.

"This year's online convention was one of the easiest and most productive conventions we've exhibited at. The experience was wonderful and the number of visitors to our booth was amazing. We look forward to being a part of the next online convention!"

Michelle Barney, Assistant VP- E-Solutions Marketing Inc.

"We were very impressed with the online convention and the operation of our Booth. We have received hundreds of business leads due to our booth at the convention. The response has been well worth the cost of the booth. We hope to be exhibiting again next year at the convention. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!"

Exhibitor: Jonathan Cutler, President, SettlementRoom Systems, Inc.

"The National Real Estate On-Line Convention has provided SettlementRoom with an excellent and inexpensive way to reach a highly targeted and highly qualified audience. I was impressed with the success of the event, which no doubt was a direct result of the tireless and intelligent efforts of the RECS group."

Exhibitor: Angelica Richardson, Sales Director,

"The On-Line Convention 2004 was a success again! We look forward to helping many Cyber-Space members boost their bottom line with exclusive territories and a steady flow of new business everyday."


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